Naomi is among the leading qualitative researchers in the industry. Her moderating and analytical skills always bring depth to understanding respondents’ perspectives and behaviors to assist in strategically answering clients’ questions and needs for market insights. No therapeutic area or set of business issues is too complex for Naomi to master efficiently and effectively. I can always count on Naomi to enhance what we deliver to our clients.”
Terri Maciolek, Ph.D.
Partner, Data Quest Analytics LLC
I can optimize your research resources by custom-designing qualitative studies that plumb the depths of respondents’ intellectual and emotional drivers of behavior and by delivering a strategic, action oriented report.


  • Specialist in physician-patient communication, market landscaping, and developing materials that optimize behavioral motivation across all product audiences
  • More than 20 years of market research and consulting including: medical/health communication, pharmaceutical product life-cycle research, health insurance and managed care
  • Conducting research domestically and globally on strategic business topics across a broad range of diagnostic categories
  • Experienced in a large range of research designs and qualitative methods (including projective techniques, language/communication development, and ethnography)
  • Uniquely trained in physician-patient communication and the culture of medicine, I have taught medical interviewing and psychosocial medicine in medical residency programs
  • My calm, insightful approach to working with clients as a team makes projects run smoothly and assures buy-in from all stake-holders
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